Breathing Buildings provides low energy ventilation systems, using the principles of natural mixing ventilation in winter and natural upward displacement ventilation in the summer.

e-stack systems are controlled by a programmable logic controller responding to variations in temperature and CO2 levels. The system also includes low energy fans, which may be used to enhance the flow in extreme conditions and thereby provide a reliable, engineered low energy ventilation system.

Breathing Buildings has installed its proprietary ventilation system in numerous schools throughout the UK, and some of these systems are described in the pages found on the left hand side of this text. Breathing Buildings has also applied its ventilation system in theatres, halls and is now installing systems in supermarkets (see Asda's Langley Mill store).

To find a Breathing Buildings location near you please look at our  Natural Ventilation Map and we would be delighted to arrange to show you how natural ventilation should work.

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