EFA updates guidance on acoustics, ventilation and lighting

19 Dec 14

The Education Funding Agency has issued new guidance on the acoustic, ventilation and lighting design for schools. Breathing Buildings summarises the changes and where to go for more help.

Natural ventilation in our Schools

10 Dec 14

Find out how our schools are being improved and how natural ventilation is playing a big part in the future of our education.

Finding the Facilities Output Specification

30 Oct 14

Can't find the FOS for the PSBP, here is a link to the EFA website for the current version of the FOS

Sustainable Energy Use in Food Chains

30 Sep 14

This video is from the International Energy Agency (IEA) Annex-62 Ventilative Cooling Seminar held at Brunel University London on the 17th September 2014. The event was hosted in joint collaboration between Brunel University London, The RCUK National Centre for Sustainable Energy use in Food Chains (CSEF) and CIBSE Natural Ventilation Group. This is the sixth presentation from the seminar; by Dr. Shaun Fitzgerald (Breathing Buildings, UK) on the topic of ‘Designing natural ventilation for thermal comfort in buildings’.

Goodbye BB101

05 Aug 14

The Education Funding Agency (EFA) have announced new regulations governing ventilation in schools, signalling the end of BB101. The new regulations emphasise the importance of the occupants' comfort and in particular the importance of mitigating cold draughts. Breathing Buildings have numerous solutions that have been tried and tested in hundered of buildings and are now offering a CPD to help understand the new regulartions.

Breathing Buildings makes the Private Business Awards 2014 Shortlist

27 Jun 14

We are pleased to announce that Breathing Buildings has been shortlisted for the VC Backed Business of the Year Award 2014.

Breathing Buildings Win Patent Challenge

13 May 14

Breathing Buildings, which specialises in natural ventilation, has successfully defended the patent for the Cambridge University passive stack system.

The Naked Scientists

13 May 14

Radio Cambridgeshire interviews Shaun Fitzgerald on the BBC Radio show the Naked Scientists, a media-savvy group of physicians and researchers from Cambridge University who use radio, live lectures, and the Internet to strip science down to its bare essentials, and promote it to the general public.

CIBSE - CFD vs Experimental Modelling Seminar

17 Mar 14

CIBSE - CFD vs Experimental Modelling Seminar Breathing Buildings Managing Director Dr Shaun Fitzgerald will be presenting alongside other experts from the industry on the 30th April 2014 at UCL in London at a CIBSE run event discussing different ways in which to model buildings.

Natural Ventilation Group Lunchtime Webinar - Mixed Mode Ventilation 13th Feb 1pm-2pm

13 Feb 14

Dr Shaun Fitzgerald our Managing Director will be joining a panel of experts to discuss mixing ventilation this afternoon in an online webinar.

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