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At Breathing Buildings we care passionately about changing the world and have world experts in Natural Ventilation to help us. So we want to share our thoughts with you and would love to hear what you think too.

Breathing buildings selected as 2014 new energy pioneer

7 April 14

Companies from around the world are recognized as leaders driving change in the energy system..

Breathing Buildings wins patent dispute

21 March 14

Breathing Buildings, the natural ventilation specialist, has successfully defended the Cambridge University Passive Stack patent, filed in 2006.

Are eco-friendly practices becoming more common in modern building?

26 March 14

Sustainable building design is very much mainstream concept in contemporary building. Planning conditions and building regulations require more energy efficient buildings and often some element of on-site generation. So, given that energy efficient building design needs to be at the core of a new building programme, how are we doing at really changing the world? Clearly the easy answer is that one can always do better. But how? Where are the big opportunities?

CIBSE - CFD vs Experimental Modelling Seminar

17 March 14

Breathing Buildings Managing Director Dr Shaun Fitzgerald will be presenting alongside other experts from the industry on the 30th April 2014 at UCL in London at a CIBSE run event discussing different ways in which to model buildings.

Mandatory Carbon Reporting Is your business affected?

14 Apr 14

Could your business be affected by Mandatory Carbon Reporting legislation?

Spring is here Get ready for summer with Natural ventilation

04 Apr 14

With the warmer months coming, why not look into what natural ventilation can do for you during summer.

The excitement of energy efficiency

28 Mar 14

Businesses need to change their views on energy efficiency.

Seeing cold draughts in a graph

28 Mar 14

Tackle your cold draughtas with Breathing Buildings.

The Merton Rule is to be retained

27 Mar 14

The government has retained a planning rule aimed at making energy greener in new builds.

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