The Secret Engineer

Commissioning on site

Posted on 22/12/11

Secret Commissioner Day 2.

Arrived on site scaffold had not been sorted!

Finally got scaffold sorted and up into first unit approx. 10.30.

Could not get into unit due to duct screws being used to hold grille in place - had to borrow a bit from another guy who was only on site for day.

Told approx. 45 min later that we had to relinquish scaffold for other contractors. (also had to give bit back for grilles to helpful guy who was leaving). After informing site team that I cannot complete final inspection until units have been accessed inspected and all defects rectified, we upped sticks to the second school and carried out the final inspection there approx. 13.00!
This went very well with scaffold in place, a pet electrician to talk us through what he had done and a general interest from site staff.

This was completed and we headed back to the first school. Pulled up at approx. 16.00 to find the site contact in his car leaving as we arrived.

Scaffold had been erected but again no bit for duct screws. Practically the whole site had gone home at this point and nobody had the right bit! After direct conversations with the main contactor whom I told unless a means was provided to get into these units they could not have a certification by the end of the week for their handover. They contacted the guy who had left site already to tell him to sort it. The final outcome was that I had to walk down the road to screwfix to buy the bit as there was nobody left on site from our customers to do it (apparently when the issue was raised earlier on in the day nobody thought to do that!)

Accessed the unit to find that the fan motor was full of water!!  All of the units had been left outside to the elements for months apparently and they were in a very poor state. Continued with rectifications work on this unit.

In order to move onto the final unit we had to clear all of the junk on the hall floor of which there was plenty.
Finally completed all remedial works and tested system and left site approx. 20.00.

The sad thing is that this is a very straightforward easy job supposedly (compared to the large academies), in future I propose we either take the Lithuanian manufacturing team or a big stick for gentle persuasion/urgency issues


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