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At Breathing Buildings we care passionately about changing the world and have world experts in Natural Ventilation to help us. So we want to share our thoughts with you and would love to hear what you think too.

World Green Building Council report makes the case for Natural Ventilation – it’s not about saving energy – it’s about saving staff!

10 Feb 15

Last week I represented Breathing Buildings at Carillion’s London workshop for suppliers offering innovative products, which Carillion believe can be effectively rolled out across their business. During the workshop I enjoyed numerous highly interesting discussions, both with other suppliers in attendance and with Carillion staff, in particular Chief Engineer Euan Burns.

House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee report ‘Action on Air Quality’

23 Dec 14

On 8th December 2014 the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee published its report ‘Action on Air Quality’.

IPCC publishes most comprehensive assessment of climate change yet!

06 Nov 14

Following intense debate between scientists and government officials, the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was published on 1st November 2014. The report has attracted comment from UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon and US Secretary of State John Kerry.

First month at Breathing Buildings

07 Oct 14

My first month as a Consulting Engineer at Breathing Buildings has been hectic, tiring and great fun! An accurate early impression of the company was formed the moment I walked into the Sturton Street office: phone ringing, at least three people discussing projects across the room and a general sense of active industry about the entire place - I like it!

My first year at Breathing Buildings

29 Jul 14

I write this after my first year as an area sales manager at Breathing Buildings has just passed. A year that has flown by and has taken many interesting turns including a new geographical area to cover, new products to learn and most importantly new regulations to understand. Looking back over the last 12 months confirms I made the correct decisions in joining a business which is dynamic and has an exciting future ahead.

Are eco-friendly practices becoming more common in modern building?

26 Mar 14

Sustainable building design is very much mainstream concept in contemporary building. Planning conditions and building regulations require more energy efficient buildings and often some element of on-site generation. So, given that energy efficient building design needs to be at the core of a new building programme, how are we doing at really changing the world? Clearly the easy answer is that one can always do better. But how? Where are the big opportunities?

Sales @ Breathing Buildings

26 Mar 14

Crickey! Where to start! Well since joining Breathing Buildings in September 2012, my knowledge and understanding in the world of Natural Ventilation has grown hugely.

Introducing the NVHR

23 Jan 14

Breathing Buildings developed the e-stack® F-series range to provide mixing ventilation via the façade, however in spaces with a low floor-to-ceiling height and limited façade area a more discrete solution can be preferable.

Christmas Jumpers

13 Dec 13

On Friday the 6th December Breathing Buildings held a Christmas Jumper day to raise money for Save the Children. While the term "high quality" is not normally associated with Christmas Jumpers, the team managed to demonstrate some particular… stunning/ spectacular / "special" examples of this festive line of apparel.

Water bath modelling at different building scales

24 Oct 13

Water bath modelling is a powerful way of examining the various flow regimes that may occur within a naturally ventilated building. It involves creating a scaled Perspex model of part or all of the building, along with its ventilation openings. This model is submerged in water and heat gains on each floor are created by supplying power to hot wires representing the locations of heat sources on each floorplate.

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