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Natural Ventilation in unusual places

24 May 11

Making natural ventilation work in unusual spaces Historically all buildings were naturally ventilated. Now with the increased awareness of the environmental impact of high energy use and with global energy prices rising rapidly, natural......

Design challenges

20 May 11

Designing Façade Openings for Natural Ventilation We spend a lot of time here working on natural ventilation designs, and a particular challenge is avoiding summertime overheating. With natural displacement ventilation, this......

Delivering Natural Ventilation

05 May 11

So what is it like to work here, what do our engineers actually do? Dr Matthew Bray answers exactly those questions here: Consulting Engineer is definitely the best name for the job. From first thing in the morning to last thing at night,......

Energy Storage

03 May 11

Future-ready buildings should aim not only to minimise energy consumption but also control the times at which it is used. Many companies and academic institutions worldwide are currently involved in the development of smart grid technology.......

Whole Building Solutions

20 Jan 11

The killer question for building designers is “how do we ventilate it?” And the answer is not always obvious. Designers need to consider the heat gains, heat losses, desired temperature requirements, acoustic requirements, physical......

Natural Ventilation in extreme climates

22 Nov 10

If there are building types being developed which have anomalously low natural heat gains in the space, but normal ventilation requirements, then a system which removes the heat from the outflowing polluted air is likely to make sense......

The Zero Carbon Agenda

11 Nov 10

The proposed changes to Part L and Part F of the Building Regulations in 2010 have been designed to support the Government’s Building a Greener Future Policy statement set out in July 2007. One of the targets is that new homes will be net......

Google Sketchup

18 Aug 11

I still remember the first time I used Sketch-Up. I was doing my post-GCSE work experience at Broadway Malyan Architects in Manchester and I was amazed at the images they were able to create that were almost photorealistic whilst I struggled to draw something that passed as a building.

Breaking the mould

01 Jul 11

Breaking the mould - green jackets and red trousers How do you change the world? Well, my view is that if you want to do so in anything like a reasonable timeframe, the idea of simply plodding along and conforming to the norms of business as usual isn't going to cut it. The real satisfaction of changing the world in terms of energy reduction, which is our ambition, will be if we manage to do so on our watch...

Double B supports Breakthrough Breast Cancer

19 Sep 11

I suggested to the rest of the Breathing Buildings Team that we enter and raise sponsorship money for charity in the process. Initially there were quite a few groans, however with some gentle persuasion about half of the office based staff decided to take on the challenge with me.

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