Are natural ventilation units big, and hence difficult to install?

Natural ventilation does depend on providing adequate ventilation area for low-pressure flows driven by buoyancy and wind forces. The size of apertures required varies from space to space, and...


Are naturally ventilated buildings more expensive to construct?

No. The costs and challenges of ventilation vary from project to project, but natural ventilation can usually be a cost-effective option.


Are the units visible within a naturally ventilated buildings?

The e-stack unit itself can be either hidden within a ceiling void or bulkhead, or visible to the space. If visible to the space, the units can be painted to any standard RAL colour.


Can the system be connected to a BMS (Building Management System)?

The system has its own controls hardware and software, which allows it to operate as a stand-alone system without BMS input. However, various degrees of interlinking to BMS systems can...


Can you supply a maintenance service?

We are able to provide a maintenance service. For further details please contact us on 01223 450060.


Do your roof terminals allow water to penetrate through the blades?

No louvre system can ever be guaranteed to be 100% watertight under all weather conditions, the louvres that we use are very high performance in terms of rain rejection.  The louvre...


Does it need seasonal commissioning?

Once the units are installed, we attend site to install and test software to the system. This automatically adjusts the operation of the system seasonally and has been developed by drawing on...


What wiring do I need?

The system needs a single phase 230V AC mains supply and requires site wiring to local peripheral devices (sensors, switches etc.) Typical wiring details can be supplied on request.


Who is best placed to install these systems? How do they know what to do?

Installation is normally carried out by the mechanical and electrical subcontractor. Breathing Buildings supply an information pack describing the requirements for installation and provide...


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