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Huw Poppy - Sales Director

Huw Poppy

Huw joined the team at Breathing Buildings in May 2011. Since 1997, he has been designing and developing ventilation, filtration and evaporative air cooling systems for commercial, industrial and domestic building types. Prior to joining Breathing Buildings, Huw specialised specifically in the design of natural ventilation systems and the development of control strategies to ensure the systems operate at their maximum efficiency. He is a graduate at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth.

"An effective low energy natural ventilation system relies on taking a holistic approach at an early stage of the building design and to ensure that the multiple passive and mechanical systems all work in harmony. My challenge is to ensure that our clients benefit from the most advanced modelling design service, the most cost effective solutions and the most energy efficient strategies to help deliver lower energy buildings throughout the U.K. and beyond!"



Matthew Bray - Engineering Manager

Matt BrayMatthew began working for Breathing Buildings in January 2010, after recently completing a PhD in Laser-assisted Cold Spray at the University of Cambridge. He has an engineering background, and has previously worked for Rolls-Royce and Rovtech Systems Ltd. He is from the Lake District and is renowned for making the worst tea in the office.

On helping clients: "The aim of our work is simple: help people realise how they can save energy and create a more pleasant environment for occupants through sensible management of heat and ventilation in their buildings".


Owen Connick - Consulting Manager

Owen ConnickOwen joined Breathing Buildings as a Consulting Engineer in September 2014.

After obtaining a 1st class Master's degree in Aerospace Engineering, Owen stayed in academia to undertake a PhD investigating the fluid mechanics of hybrid (mixed-mode) natural ventilation. Through his research, Owen performed an assessment of the different prediction methods available for modelling naturally-ventilated buildings, gained experience in developing and validating predictive models for natural ventilation airflows, and spent significant time working with the water bath modelling technique for visualising ventilation flows. Owen presented his research at CIBSE/ASHRAE joint seminars, and is well-informed about many varied aspects of sustainability in the built environment.

Prior to joining Breathing Buildings, Owen worked in Intellectual Property consultancy, advising clients on patent protection  and commercialisation of inventions.



Joe Clawley- Consulting Engineer

Joe Clawley

Joe joined Breathing Buildings in 2013. Since 2004, he has worked on the supplier side of the construction industry, project managing and giving technical advice on various issues such as fire, acoustics and radiation. In 2010, Joe began working as a sales & design consultant supplying natural ventilation products and design guidance to architects, consultants and contractors across the south of the UK. He has worked on a variety of projects from small community centres to large education and MOD buildings always looking to provide the best possible solutions whilst being cost effective and offering the highest standards of customer service.

"In such a short period the general understanding across the various disciplines of how to effectively naturally ventilate buildings has improved considerably. I believe however that with a Breathing Buildings e-stack solution we can help people realise what true 'low energy' natural ventilation really is and provide the expertise to design the most comfortable naturally ventilated environments."


Nick Wise - Consulting Engineer

Nick joined Breathing Buildings in September 2014 after graduating from the University of Cambridge with a Master's degree in Engineering, focusing on Fluid Mechanics. He had previously completed an internship with the company during the summer of 2012 and enjoyed it so much he came back to work here full time.

He is looking forward to using his knowledge of and interests in fluid flow to attack a variety of natural ventilation challenges and provide effective, low energy solutions to our clients.


Amanda Brooks- Technical Sales Manager, Midlands & North

Amanda Brooks

Amanda joined the Breathing Buildings team in October 2012.  Since 2008 she has been providing technical advice on AC, refrigeration, BMS and M & E services to distributors, OEMS, engineers, facilities management, contractors and end users. She has dealt with the majority of markets including healthcare, education, government, finance, retail, commercial and entertainment.

Prior to her technical sales roles, Amanda was an Aircraft Engineer in the British Army, where she studied 'in depth' aerodynamics as well as using a range of practical and theoretical skills on a number of different aircraft systems.

"I am thrilled to be returning to my 'bread and butter' in air flow systems and my goal is to increase the awareness of Breathing Buildings' unique and truly innovative methods and products in the UK market. I believe that our products are the ideal solution for future Natural Ventilation 'with a twist'! What's not to like?''.


Chris Lockie - Area Sales Manager

Chris LockieChris joined Breathing Buildings in 2013 having spent the last 3 years working with M&E consultants and contractors primarily in the south of the England. He assisted in the design and subsequent procurement of water treatment systems. The main challenge was to ensure that the best possible solution was implemented on a project whilst still being cost effective.  Chris has experience working on a variety of different sized projects ranging from domestic dwellings right up to large mixed use commercial developments and large data centres.

'I'm excited to have joined such a forward thinking company and am of the belief that the levels of technical support we can offer our customers truly makes Breathing Buildings the stand out manufacturer & supplier of natural ventilation systems in the UK.  I confidently believe the e-stack solution Breathing Buildings have developed will change the perception of natural ventilation in the building services industry''


Steve Archibald- Agent , Scotland

Steve ArchibaldSteve, on behalf of Morison and Miller Engineering Ltd in Glasgow represents Breathing Buildings in Scotland. Since 1996, he has been selling and designing ventilation systems for the Domestic, Commercial and Industrial sectors. Having undertaken many roles he progressed to Sales Director Distribution at Vent- Axia Ltd before accepting an opportunity to "move back home" and undertake a new venture with Morison & Miller in 2013.

"Part of my goal here was to identify and work with strategic partners in offering new and innovative ventilation solutions. Having previously worked predominately with Mechanical ventilation it is a hugely exciting opportunity for us to jointly promote the energy efficient and cost saving benefits that the Breathing Buildings E stack solution will provide"


David Hall - Project Engineer

David joined Breathing Buildings in May 2014 having spent the last twelve years working in the communications industry.

Most recently working as a senior events engineer within the sporting sector at most of the major sporting events throughout the United Kingdom and abroad, events like the Open championship and Henley Royal Regatta.

Followed by six years in the Royal Navy as a communications systems specialist first class, working on a number of different ships and shore establishments throughout the world on different operations and tasks.

I am excited to have joined such and exciting company within the construction industry and am looking forward helping Breathing Buildings continue to raise the bar in natural ventilation solutions.


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