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mitsubushiSome clients require stringent upper bounds on summertime temperatures, even though their buildings may provide only limited amounts of thermal mass. In such cases there is a strong argument to adopt a combined approach of natural ventilation and mechanical cooling to deal with the hottest summer days. We work closely with Mitsubishi at the design stage to optimise the amount of e-stack natural ventilation equipment and cooling equipment required. The combined system operates as one, with a linked control protocol, thereby ensuring the ventilation system and cooling system work together.


modcelllogoWe work closely with ModCell to develop a truly sustainable building which locks in carbon at the build stage. Our modelling expertise enables us to assess the impact of equivalent thermal mass which is exhibited by the ModCell product since it is a breathable building material which permits the migration of water vapour through the internal skin. This is in turn leads to improved thermal comfort in summer. By modelling the combined ModCell and e-stack product offering for a building, we can assess the amount of e-stack product required to ventilate and regulate the interior temperature of a space and keep capital costs to a minimum.

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sheildsWe are working with Shields Energy Services, a company with nearly 30 years of experience working with businesses to reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint. They offer a free energy survey enabling them to recommend appropriate strategies tailored to the needs of the business. The Breathing Buildings natural ventilation e-stack system is one of the unique energy conservation products within their portfolio of recommended options.


Armstron We are working with Armstrong

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